Bailey Tanks Range of Underground Stormwater Retention/Detention Tanks

Bailey Tanks range of horizontal SUB tanks are the ultimate in underground water management.

The SUB's are light enough to be manhandled which is a major benefit when section access is limited and once installed the only part visible is a low profile childproof manhole cover. With 28 different diameter and length combinations and capacities ranging from 800 litres to 3,400 litres, the SUB's suit almost all applications. But should more volume be required, it is a straightforward procedure to link multiple tanks together.

Stormwater Detention
New development often places additional demands on stormwater systems, these systems may not have the capacity to handle further loads. Often in these situations a stormwater detention tank is the best solution. Stormwater detention tanks are designed to store rainwater from roofs, drives, paths and other impervious areas. The water is then discharged to the stormwater system from the tank through a small diameter orifice pipe at a rate the stormwater system can cope with.

The SUB's are perfect for stormwater detention and make light work of council requirements. Each tank comes pre-plumbed with a 100mm overflow and discharge pipe. It is a simple procedure to fit the specified orifice.
Water can be reused by installing a reuse tank that is separate from the detention tank, or by allowing for some detention at the top of the reuse tank that enables you to use a portion of the rainwater in the tank. This water can be used in non-critical areas such as toilets, washing machines and for garden irrigation, creating a more sustainable approach to water management.

If a storm water detention tank is required for a project you're working on, your local council can often provide a worksheet to calculate the tank capacity and orifice size. Otherwise an engineer can calculate this.

Quality, Strength & Expertise

Made from ultra tough polyethylene the SUB's have been engineered to handle the extreme loads caused by soil pressure. The SUB's are 100% recyclable.

Order your SUB from Bailey Tanks and we'll deliver it direct to site to most areas of the country – North or South Island.

Nearly 40 Years Making Tanks

With nearly 40 years in the business you can be assured that the SUB's from Bailey Tanks come with a pedigree of quality and toughness.

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A 100mm PVC cap (Marley Part 137-100) is drilled to the required diameter and fitted to the discharge pipe.

To eliminate the risk of an orifice becoming blocked an optional leaf strainer can be fitted.


The new weapon in the war against stormwater dtention.

Bailey Tanks Range of Underground Storm Water Retention/Detention Tanks

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